Episode 204 - Mary Timony (EX HEX, Helium, Wild Flag)

Apr 01, 2019, 11:29 AM

This week on the show, one of the coolest (& one of the first performers your host Damian ever saw live), MARY TIMONY of the band EX HEX sits down for a chat. Listen in as the two talk about Mary going from a DC hardcore kid who didn't feel like she fit in, to finding a home in Boston Indie Rock, to touring world wide with the godly HELIUM. THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED (ALSO, don't miss EX HEX’s FANTASTIC new album "It's Real” on Merge Records)!!!  

Also touched on:

 Damian’s first show

Growing up down the road from the MacKayes

Mary’s folks: “Have you heard of Ian’s band Minor Threat?”

Alec’s leopard print hair

Watching Friday Night Videos and finding New Wave

Feeling different

Learning to play guitar to stop dressing weird

Seeing Rites Of Spring for a first show

The positivity of the DC hardcore scene

Revolution Summer and the changes begin


Combo sport team/ street gang

Fire Party

Christian Billotte

Jamming Joe Satriani 

HazMat becomes Autoclave

A Rush loving drummer


Slant 6





Fugazi in the basement of St. Stephen’s (pre-Guy)

The friend with the Bongos

Moving to Indie Rock loving Boston

The difference between DC and Boston

“Way to DC for that!”: Major label find no one answering when they come knocking

Signing to Matador

Opening for Liz Phair at CBGB’s