Ep 29 - Samira Musa - Film Producer

Apr 03, 06:00 AM

From script to premiering on the big screen (and everything else in between), this week's guest is Film Producer, Samira Musa.

Samira started off thinking fashion was where her career lay before switching to film, completing a Film, Media & Cultural Studies degree. On graduating she got a runner job on an indie film and quickly moved up the ranks to become first assistant director. Once the production wrapped she felt well and truly broken, owing to the intensity and long days and decided filmmaking wasn't for her. She went and got "a proper job" (her words) as a marketing executive but after a few years decided to go back to film, working for a range of productions and for a number of companies.

Samira discusses how she combined all her knowledge and direct experience to co-found The Creative Roots (TCR) with Alex De Silva. TCR is a production agency that aims to level the playing field, striving for diversity across the board, both in front of and behind the camera.

She breaks down step-by-step what film producers do (a hell of a lot) and the techniques she has learnt to help her manage the many plates the role demands be kept spinning.

Samira is full of creative and supportive energy with a laser focus on changing the industry, working from the ground up. It was totally awesome to discuss her creative journey, her career and vision with her! #legend