Danny Lilker from Nuclear Assault, SOD, Anthrax, Brutal Truth

Apr 03, 2019, 07:15 AM

Thrash Metal trailblazer and legend Danny Lilker takes us back to the old school with stories of meeting Scott Ian and joining Anthrax, forming Nuclear Assault, SOD, memories of CGBG's and Craig Ahead from Sick Of It All, right on up to the wonders of Vape Pen technology, the best Pizza in Queens, and much more!! Plus outstanding author and thrash metal scientist Howie Abrams joins us to chop it up for a bit as well! Thanks to RocksOff.Com for allowing us to record in your production office and for the hospitality!!!!! Check out www.DignifiedBastard.Com for Vision Of DIsorder's groundbreaking 1995 debut EP repressed on 6 different 12" color configurations!!! Plus the District 9 Discography and the Six and Violence Discography! #NYHC Rate and Review the show! Tell a Friend!! Join the convo online @OGKevinGill @KevinGillShow SUPPORT US ON PATREON! PATREON.COM/KEVINGILLSHOW #PMA