Apr 05, 01:30 PM

#publicstate ep11 ‘Wunderbar’ just landed 👽🛸! #privacy and self-sovereign identity

Summary 📚

Identity Defenders Assemble!!! 
#publicstate ep11 ‘Wunderbar’ just landed 👽🛸! #privacy, #identity, US Elections🗳️, Digital #Estonia, #German 🍺, and Glimpse🔒😉. 

This week's discussions include: how we’re not ok with giving 🤲 away all our data!; how you can create behavioural profiles from a few likes 👍, principles of self-sovereign identity and how #cryptography & #blockchain can help; Tim🍎; and we discuss our upcoming trip to Berlin✈️; Enjoy!

Links 🔗
  1. The path to self soverereign identity 
  2. E-stonia e-residency & blockchain governance 
  3. Tim Apple 

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