Derby County Pre-Match Podcast from the Virtual Joint

Apr 05, 05:15 AM

The Bees we on the back of another disappointing away defeat - this time away to Swansea. The Beesotted crew hooked up in the virtual joint to shoot the breeze on the Swansea match. Brentford’s end of year accounts. Was it looking healthy for The Bees. And why are clubs like Derby getting away with bending the Financial Fair Play rules. Plus we speak to Pete from Derby County Fan TV about The Rams’ playoff hopes and more

In the virtual joint: 

Billy TheBee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Liberal Nick

Gary GP Paul

0 min - Intro

7m 33 sec - Beesotted crew chat Swansea match

39 min 31 sec - Brentford financial discussion after the publishing of the annual accounts. Plus Derby county discussion including how is it possible for teams like Derby to blatantly get away with spending large sums of money then bending the rules to satisfy Financial Fair Play?

1 hr 20 min 54 sec - Five from The Hive with Pete from Derby County Fan TV

1 hr 32 min 04 sec - Beesotted crew discuss Derby match

1 hr 40 mun 57 sec - END