Interview Part 2 - Russell Quirk - Emoov, Founder.

Season 1, Episode 19,  Apr 09, 2019, 06:00 AM

The rise and fall of Emoov!.. This week Tom & Adam met with one of the most influential personalities in the property industry, Russell Quirk. With so much great content we've split this interview over two episodes.

Part two of two. Russell Quirk is a seasoned entrepreneur, business builder and one of the most influential personalities in the property industry. Named on the Maserati 100 List & the Tyto Tech Power List Top 50.

In this episode we focus on Russell’s entrepreneurial journey and the birth of Emoov and in part two we discuss what went wrong the lessons learned and what’s in store for the future. Areas covered:

  • The merger of Emoov, Tepilo, Urban & increasing annual revenues from £2.5m to £7m.
  • The ultimate reason Emoov failed.
  • Raising finance via crowdfunding.
  • The backlash of the business going under from investors.
  • The lessons learned and what Russell would have done differently.
  • Russell’s new business Properganda PR.
  • A discussion on failure and success.
  • Russell’s 3 Golden Rules on running a business.
To contact Russell visit or follow him on twitter @russellquirk

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