Andy Bibey (Manager & Freelance Consultant)

Apr 09, 07:00 AM

Well hello there, we meet again. Welcome back to the Behind the Business podcast where I sit down with an assortment of people from all areas of the UK music Industry to find out what they do and what makes them tick. We now at episode 21...Citing.

This week's Chat is with my good friend Andy Bibey. Bibes and I went to Uni together (Uni of Hertfordshire if you were wondering) and studied Music and Entertainment Industry Management. Bibes is also from Wales and is a Cardiff City supporter (but I we try not to hold that against him).

I met up with Bibes a long old time ago now. Over a year in fact, so the conversation is very much about his journey to where he is now. I’m going to get him back on in Series 2 in order to discuss in more detail some of the more specific stuff that he has been up to recently, especially the tour management that he does. In this chat you’ll get some insight into his time in the live business and also the time he spent at One Little Indian though and he has some really great insights about the realities of getting in the music business in 2019 and beyond.

Check out the links below to the acts that Bibes mentions as well as finding him on assorted social medias.

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