4/7 Let's Talk Birmingham: Kasvu hits Birmingham, and Bham Eat, Drink, Ride with Comedienne Joy

Apr 08, 11:09 PM

The crew from a unique pop-up dining experience, Kasvu, join Margie Beth and Bonny to discuss their Birmingham-based seven-course party of food! Comedienne Joy joins via the phone for the final segment to talk about ANOTHER fun, unique dining experience: Bham Eat Drink Ride with Comedienne Joy!

Visit Kasvu at https://kasvubham.com to grab tickets - they're going fast, and you're going to want to try some of these truly delectable treats!

Also, visit https://www.diningoutwithcomediennejoy.com to see how you can join Joy for a party with friends, clients, or anyone you want to smile with.


Dr. So, Terry Ohms, A.A. Bondy