Racism and Diversity Discussion. Beesotted Pre-Ipswich Lovesport Radio Show

Apr 09, 05:15 AM

Derby fought out an exciting, edgy, niggly match at Griffin Park. Six goals. 

But the day was shrouded by allegations of racism at Griffin Park by the Derby bench. 

The Beesotted crew of Billy TheBee Grant, Dave Laney Lane and Liberal Nick joined Johnny in the Lovesport studio to discuss the Derby match. 

They were joined by ex Brentford player and Kick it Out ambassador Marcus Gayle to discuss Brentford's newly launched diversity and anti-discrimination campaign. 

Plus they touched on the allegations of racism at Grifin Park at the weekend. 

They also spoke to Ben from Ipswich's Blue Monday Podcast to find out how Alan Judge was getting on and look forward to the match on Wednesday.