Masters DraftKings Picks, Milly Maker Ownership Projections and Giveaways

Apr 09, 04:10 PM

Pat Mayo, The Gup (, and Colin Drew ( run through the entire 2019 Masters DraftKings Millionaire Maker field and let you know which players they project to be highly owned and which are off people’s radars. Plus, insight and tips on how to construct multiple rosters in the 2019 Masters DraftKings Millionaire Maker, the impact weather will player, and their favorite Masters DraftKings Picks from each range. 

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Masters PME Open DraftKings Listener’s League Link: (100K Guaranteed)  


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Show Index

0:22 Giveaways/Winners

7:32 New Players in Field

9:13 Weather Influence

12:33 Lineup Construction Using Ownership

14:03 10K

21:25 9K

29:09 Crossing off players from the list

34:20 8K

47:54 7.5K 

57:07 7K

1:07:33 6K

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