The View from the Top: Nicolai Wassmann

Apr 10, 2019, 10:46 AM

Nicolai Wassmann

Head of Global Mobility at Ramboll

Nicolai Wassmann is the Head of Global Mobility at Ramboll, a leading engineering, design and consultancy company founded in Denmark in 1945. Wassmann came into the mobility industry via an earlier career in tax. He specialises in Global Mobility, expatriate management, international tax and social security, process management and business optimization.

In this in-depth interview, Nicolai describes his role and how he designs Ramboll’s Global Mobility program; explains the differences between a commercial owned corporation and a foundation company and why Ramboll is a people company; stresses the importance of viewing your service delivery from the eyes of the customer; admits that the younger generation has shorter patience; reveals his belief that the key to a good partnership is built on trust and where you can speak directly, open, and freely with each other.