Stronger Scars - Robby Carmody - Notre Dame Men's Basketball ('22)

Apr 10, 2019, 12:14 PM

Join host Bailey Cartwright as she and her guests embrace the strength found in their scars!

In this week's episode, Bailey and Tony sit down with Notre Dame Men's Basketball player, Robby Carmody.  After becoming the first freshman to start the season opener in over 15 years, Robby suffered an injury to his labrum that sideliened him for most of his first season at Notre Dame.  

They cover how difficult it was to go reconcile with the fact that he would miss the season and how valuable it was to be able to rehab with senior leader, Rex Pflueger.

Later, Bailey and Robby chat about their Pittsburgh roots and what it was like to travel home, but not be able to play in their team's games against Pitt.

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