When is it ok to call for help - after an hour? Your kid is being bullied? Dad's in the Ladies toilets - WTF?

Apr 11, 2019, 02:49 PM

McIntyre is back and dropping wisdom like a new hip hop track on a music service no-one asked for. Nathan has a friend who asked what to do about his kid being hit by the kid of the coach of his kid's football team - confused? So are we. Then Ger asks which toilets he should bring his 7 year old to, at the game in the Aviva? It goes a bit weird for a while after that but don't hold it against Nathan. OH BURIED THE LEAD - Adrian had to call for the SWAT team to rescue him after an hour minding the kids alone. Is calling your wife to come home after an hour worse than telling everyone she snored during pregnancy on a podcast? Find out this week. Rate these clowns performance here - And email your specific issues to dadcast@offtheball.com