Dave Joerger Out and NBA Playoffs Preview

Apr 12, 03:28 AM

Deuce and Mo kick off the show talking about the Kings decision to part ways with Dave Joerger, what led to it and what's next (1:20), they discuss the possible coaching candidates for the Kings (26:15), Magic Johnson quits and what it means for the Lakers (38:50), fans ask about the Kings going after DeAndre Jordan and Pat Beverley (42:35), the national media's reaction to the Joerger move (46:25), they previewed the NBA playoffs and why Deuce doesn't seem excited for any of the series (49:00), Morgan makes fun of Deuce for saying every series has a chance at being an upset (1:00:00), Dirk and D-Wade leaving (1:01:05) and they close with the Mailbag (1:04:05).