Finding & Getting Real with a Biz Bestie with Nevica Vazquez

Apr 15, 2019, 04:20 AM
In this episode, I am having a candid chat with my biz bestie turned real life bestie, Nevica Vazquez, founder of the Collaboration Catalyst Membership Community. The topics we cover are the importance of finding a biz bestie, and tips to find yours, as well as how to take your friendship from online to offline in order to have a deeper more meaningful connection. Nevica also shares the vulnerable parts of how she changed her entire business model this last year and the scary parts that come with that. 


  • The importance of finding and connecting with a biz bestie.
  • Being brave and changing your business when you're no longer in alignment.
  • Transitioning from 1:1 to Collaboration Catalyst.
  • Nevica's brave decision to live one month abroad while running her business.