Seven Nation Army & When Bands Sponsor Teams - Ep 021

Apr 14, 11:01 PM

On this episode we discuss the legendary Goldie Lookin' Chain x Newport County Shirt, a classic moment from Club Brugge and this week we’ve gone for a Manager Focus with Don Fabio Capello under the spotlight.

And we want to know which bands or artists would you like to see sponsor a team? Let us know @retrofootballshirtpod

We also discuss:

  • When bands sponsor football teams
  • The end of a PSG era
  • A classic moment in Club Brugge's history
  • The origins of the '7 Nation Army' football chant
  • Classic football chants 

In this podcast series you can expect to hear us reminiscing about iconic shirts, classic moments, legendary players and we might even be joined by the odd guest along the way.

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