Mining in Western Australia - With Justin Campbell

Apr 15, 11:16 PM

Listen to the (6 minute) audio update below where Justin Campbell covers his take on the current market dynamics.

During this update he covers:

Current rates of pay 

The importance of investing in front line leaders to attract and retain key talent

The importance of career paths and running a fluent and efficient recruitment process

How we are assisting our clients to create new talent pools

Other dynamics that we are seeing today that we witnessed in the last boom

His prediction on market conditions in the coming months

As the recruitment leader of Stellar’s Western Australian team, Justin has built a strong team of recruiters while further strengthening the business’s partnerships. Many Perth based businesses and industry talent choose to do business with Justin not only because of his local industry market knowledge but also his honesty and commitment to achieve results. Justin has been working within the mining market for now 5 years and is frequently onsite and in front of both clients and candidates so if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to him or one of his team.