Hellboy (2019) + The White Reindeer + Cujo - Eclectica #202

Season 1, Episode 202,  Apr 17, 2019, 09:55 AM

Surprise Johnson Insertion

This week Mick and Graham go to "Hellboy" and back (which is pretty easy given that the cinema is just a short walk away), to report on Neil Marshall's euphemistically-described troubled production. 

Is it as bad as the internet's made out, or do they want to give it a big hand?

Off the Shelf sees a very different kind of folklore film in the shape of "The White Reindeer" - a Finnish vampire-witch-were-reindeer movie (it's a genre, OK?), that has been reissued on Blu-Ray by Eureka. Then Mick cleans up after another Eureka title with Lewis Teague's "Cujo", in which Stephen King shows us a very bad doggp indeed. 

Next week's Eclectica has been turned into dust by a snap of Thanos's fingers, but we'll be back in two week's time for Avengers: Endgame!

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