What have we learned? Plus, a update on our current projects.

Season 1, Episode 21,  Apr 18, 2019, 06:00 AM

Recently the boys have been interviewing a lot of exciting guests and thought it a perfect time to reflect on the lessons they have learned and how they’ve implemented this into their businesses. Also they give an update on their ongoing property projects!

With 20 episodes under the Property Investors Podcast banner of which 10 have been interviews with top players in the property industry. Lots of lessons have been learned and Tom & Adam take time to talk though the top lessons and share the common theme of success from the entrepreneurs and business leaders they have met so far.

They also take this moment to discuss their on-going property projects and what’s planned next.

In this episode we cover a range of topics including:

·        Why Tom & Adam started the podcast and how they’re finding the journey.

·        Update on their Bungalow renovation and rent. 

·        How to buy kitchens at contract price (up to 70% savings!).

·        Lesson learned about releasing equity from a limited company BTL when the lender won’t allow you to take secured loan (second charge).

·        An update on the planning permission Tom, Adam and Simon are working on for 17 flats and 3 commercial units.

·        A new project: 6 bed HMO, commercial space, self-contained flat and potential for building a studio in the garden. 

·        Summary on lessons learned from the podcast interviews so far.

·        Common theme of successful individuals.

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