Episode 18 | SMQ AI | The Mandela Effect / FOIA / We Died in 2012

Apr 23, 2019, 11:00 AM

It seems like everywhere we turn, something is not as it seems. Whether it’s famous lines in movies no longer seeming to be the words we know and love or family members going missing that the rest of the family flat out doesn’t remember...something strange is afoot. Today we are joined by a man who has caused quite a stir with his “We All Died in 2012” series that went viral on YouTube. He is a man of mystery who goes by the alias of SMQ AI, who has a colossal amount of insight to what we know as the Mandela Effect. In addition, he has delved deep Into the government cult documents made available through the Freedom of Information Act which suggests that we are living in a holographic universe. || #bejewelledpod #smqai #mandelaeffect #gemsoftruth 

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