Hot Takes from the first five rounds of action

Apr 24, 2019, 11:49 PM

One of the SPECIAL EDITION PODCAST'S has arrived!

After five rounds of action and a week off to really take it all in, The Big V Podcast takes a look back into exactly what happened across those first five weeks and where each and every division is headed from here.

Who's hot, who's not and who took some by surprise! We go into every division and highlight key stakeholders throughout the Big V.

Big V Podcast - Episode 6 (SPECIAL EDITION)

Youth League Two Women (3:00)
Youth League Two Men (7:30)
Youth League One Women (10:51)
Youth League One Men (13:20)
Vic Youth Champ Women (16:00)
Vic Youth Champ Men (18:46)
Division Two Women (22:30)
Division Two Men (25:08)
Division One Women (28:25)
Division One Men (31:57)
Championship Women (35:10)
Championship Men (38:40)