Leeds Celebratory Pre-Bolton Podcast from The Pub

Apr 25, 05:15 AM

Bank Holiday Monday. Leeds came to town desperate for a win to get back on track for automatic promotion. But Brentford were having none of it - knocking the wind out of their sails with well taken goals from Maupay and Canos.

The Beesotted crew met up at One Over The Ait on Kew Bridge to shoot the Breeze over the Leeds game. Peruse Norwich who came from nowhere last season to win the league this season. And look forward to the Bolton match at the weekend - chatting to Paul from Proud Wanderers. 

Billy TheBee Grant

Dave Laney Lane

Katie Bee Graham

Gary GP Paul

0 m - Intro

7 m - Brentford and Leeds fans in the pub after the match

12 m 13 sec - Beesotted crew chat Leeds match

40 m 45 sec - Norwich city. An example of a well managed team on and off the pitch?

54 m 38 sec - Five from The Hive - Bolton preview feat Paul from Proud Wanderers

1 hr 03 min 43 sec - Beesotted crew talk Bolton

1 hr 16 min 04 sec - END