The View from the Top: Mark Thomas

Apr 25, 2019, 08:43 AM

Mark Thomas

CEO at Equus Software

Mark Thomas is the CEO at Equus Software, the global leader in cloud-based international relocation and mobility solutions. Thomas founded Equus Software in 1999 with Leonard Schuele and since then has built it into the world's leading mobility technology company. More than 300 organizations around the world rely on Equus tools and technology to automate mundane, transactional work so that global mobility teams, talent management professionals and other key stakeholders can focus on adding value to the business.

In this in-depth interview, Mark discusses his career in Equus and explains that today he is more focused on strategy than he was 10 years ago; tells that it was just a big coincidence how he got exposed to the relocation industry; describes the early days of Equus; reveals his belief that AI will have a marginal impact on mobility in the next 10 years; makes his case that Millennials expect everything to be available on their mobile devices; and admits that in Equus they never sit back on our laurels