Bolton Players Boycott. So It's off to Chorley We Go - Beesotted Chorley AwayDay Podcast

Episode 532,  Apr 28, 2019, 04:44 PM

Brentford’s game at Bolton was called off due to Wanderers players boycotting the match due to not being paid. The Beesotted crew made their way up to the North West regardless as they - as had a number of other Bees - had already made their travel arrangements. 

And the day panned out to be one of the most random away-days in a very very long time. 

Starting off at Bolton’s stadium, the day moved onto the town of Chorley where the Beesotted crew met up with morris dancing crows. Drank in a bar in the middle of an outdoor market. Met up with Wigan. Man City. Blackburn and Bolton fans. There was a mini love-in with Bradford Park Avenue fans. Plus they took a tour of the local Chorley bars.

0m - Into 

4m 54 sec - Wigan fan chat in The Bob Inn

6m 54 sec - Chat with Morris Dancing Crow

9m 38 sec - Chat with converted Bolton Wanderers fan

13 m 14 sec - Chat with converted Man City fan

17m 22 sec - On the terraces with Bradford Park Avenue Fans who were (spontaneously) signing Brentford songs

18m 15 sec - Bradford Park Avenue Fan David Rawling recalls the Brentford v Bradford Park Avenue match from 1970

20m 41 sec - Chat with Blackburn pub owner who was at the Bees v Blackburn game in February

24 m 27 sec - Outro

28 m 20 sec - END

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