7 things your doctor didn't tell you about back pain

Apr 29, 2019, 10:01 PM

In this episode we talk about back pain - the latest research summarised into 7 useful and user friendly tips that you can use to get back in control. Want to read it instead? Download it here - https://www.thebodyworksclinic.com/free-guide-7-myths-about-back-pain-your-doctor-got-wrong/

Look at that - I wrote a book!
Well not a novel type book, but an amalgamation of 30 years experience and the latest research on how to help YOU manage your back pain.
I was inspired to put all the information in one place after reading the summary of the HUGE back pain care study in the American Medical Journal, The Lancet last year. The summary, in essence, was that most healthcare practitioners were giving out of date and sometimes down right bad advice to their patients for back pain. And I've had all kinds of utter rubbish repeated to me by confused patients in pain.
So I sat down and put together a summary of the right advice, based on the latest research. And then made it available to everyone I could via the wonders of the internet! 
And now you can listen to that advice as well! 
Or download it here - https://www.thebodyworksclinic.com/free-guide-7-myths-about-back-pain-your-doctor-got-wrong/