NBA & NHL Playoffs/NFL Draft Recap Edition of Sports Business Radio

May 01, 04:36 PM

We dive into the NBA and NHL Playoffs TV ratings as well as tell you what the local TV ratings were for NBA and NHL teams for the 2018-19 season on this week's edition of Sports Business Radio. Which teams saw the biggest increase and decrease in TV ratings? How have the leagues fared on the national TV broadcasts?

We also recap a HUGE NFL Draft - both the TV ratings and the record setting attendance in Nashville (and we compare the numbers to last Sunday's record setting numbers for HBO's Game of Thrones episode).

You'll be up to speed on all of the other sports headlines of the week as well.

Doug Terfehr of Mizzen + Main joins us to discuss the company's performance fabric dress shirt worn by Phill Mickelson, JJ Watt and #1 NFL Draft pick and Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray. We also announce a new partnership between Sports Business Radio and Mizzen + Main.

And we preview the upcoming Sports PR Summit on May 21 in New York City and let you know the big names from across the sports world who will be joining us at The Players' Tribune.

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