NBA Officiating, Embiid's Heroic Game and our Obsession with the NFL Draft

May 02, 01:12 AM

Deuce and Mo return to talk about the NBA officiating issues and Deuce defends the officials (3:27), they discussed our cultures disdain for refs and what can improve (6:35), the Warriors-Rockets series and if the Rockets can get back into it (14:32), what was more gross: Curry's dislocated finger or Harden's blood eyes (21:30), Morgan talks about the time she intentionally raked a girls eyes during a game (23:20), what they've enjoyed most about the NBA playoffs (25:23), how the NBA can get playoff level intensity in its regular season (30:33), Deuce believes Embiid deserves MORE credit for playing with bubble guts and his experiences with stomach issues (33:00), their feelings on Raptors-Celtics and forgetting how good Kawhi is (37:15), Jokic's impact on Denver (42:37), they discussed why are culture is obsessed with the NFL Draft (46:50) and they close with the mailbag (52:14).