Literary Loitering 103 - My Life in the Bum of Ghosts

May 02, 01:09 PM
The cultural anarchists have gathered for another edition of the notorious books and arts podcast that keeps threatening to make sense while at the same time keeps sliding down the slippery slope of art-house podcasting (you know, five minutes of silence, someone repeating the word peanut for ten seconds, a random Wilhelm scream, a comment about the state of the world told through the sounds of interpretive dance, etc).

Kicking things off this week is our usual Game-Of-Thrones-watch before we take a look at the Republic of Consciousness Awards, the connection between James Joyce and US politics, a new addition to the American Library Association's list of most banned or challenged books, Catholic book-burning in Poland (see The Geek Show S16E06 - Schrödinger's Black Hole), political commentary versus Brett Easton Ellis, and some bizarre advice from the Harvard Business Review on how to read more books in a year. 

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