Episode 208 - George Pettit Part 2 (Dead Tired, Alexisonfire, Bergenfield Four)

May 03, 02:53 AM

GEORGE IS BACK BABY! Once again TOAP shows up to prove that a sequel can equal or even top the original. George Pettit was one of the original guests on this podcast way back when & now he finally makes his triumphant return to the show! Join Damian as he sits down with his good friend to catch up & bullshit about music, culture & how punk can micro change the world. NOT TO BE MISSED! George's band Dead Tired has an awesome new album, "Full Vol." His other band, Alexisonfire also put out some amazing new music as well. 

Also Touched On: 

A long time coming making this thing

George tells Damian Alexisonfire is getting back together

“What am I going to do now?” the post band question

Wade gets it done

Young Chris O’Toole working at the record store

Niagara Falls: ghost town

Sex Pistols Wax Figures

shows that no one came to

The kind of out of touch having a kid makes you

kid run vs. the old people scene

The end of alternative culture

The brilliance of CityTV

No New Bomb Turks on Much Music