Nutrition: I Ate Just Fat (No Protein or Carbs) For 2 Weeks And Lost 5 Kilos

May 07, 2019, 11:54 AM

In March 2013, I lost more than 5 kilos of weight in 2-3 weeks by eating ONLY fat. I didn’t step inside a gym for a single day of those three weeks, but I SHREDDED fat.

How? I went on a fat fast.

During a fat fast, you eat ONLY FAT. Almost no protein or carbohydrates. JUST FAT. The science behind it, is that since fat is so satiating, it’s hard to overeat it.

I started my fast on 3 March, 2013, and broke my fast on 19 March. I started my fast weighing around 87 kilograms. Two weeks later, I was down by 5-6 kilograms.

I looked up fat fasting and did my research on fat fasting from multiple online resources.

Disclaimer: Speak to your doctor before you do this. A fat fast is an extreme step, and should, under no circumstances, be done suddenly or without planning. 

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