Abraaj: a cautionary tale

May 08, 2019, 12:54 PM

The National has been covering the Abraaj scandal from New York, London and Abu Dhabi as our editorial team brings you the key developments.

In this episode, host Mustafa Alrawi, Assistant Editor in Chief, talks to Massoud Derhally, The National’s Business Editor who himself has been producing some quite compelling investigative journalism into what happened at the failed private equity firm, founded by Arif Naqvi

He explains that in September 2017, about five months before Abraaj collapsed, two whistleblower emails warned investors not to invest in a $6 billion fund.

Also in this episode, Assistant Business Editor Kelsey Warner speaks to Mahmoud Adi, the head of Hub71. She hears about what he hopes for the new tech start-up centre in Abu Dhabi and what investors and entrepreneurs can expect from the space, and what he’s learned as a founder and VC himself in the UAE.

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