Why sport sampling is important? - Steve Boyle

May 13, 04:00 PM

Steve is widely recognized as the national leader in sport sampling and physical literacy in the United States. As a former Division 1 athlete and after nearly 30 years of counseling, teaching, working with children with cancer, athletic and life-coaching, as well as multiple entrepreneurial successes, Steve’s life mission is to leave a sustainable legacy that will allow every citizen to gain the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to be physically active for life. Recognized by the Aspen Institute’s’ Sport and Society Program in the original Project Play report for his sport-sampling approach, Steve works tirelessly to combat specialization in youth sports and wants Physical Literacy to be as commonplace and as expected as reading literacy and numeracy.

Table of Contents

00:41 - Guest Intro

05:20 - Life's Too Short for Just One Sport

08:55 - 241 Sports

23:19 - What's Leading to Sports Attrition?

26:35 - Free Play

29:50 - Cutting Kids from Teams

32:40 - Learning Empathy

39:29 - Long Term Athlete Development

42:09 - Developing Coaches

45:47 - Books

49:49 - #1 Coaching Tip

53:29 - What's Next for Steve?

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