Health Insurance for Residencia in Spain

May 10, 2019, 11:26 AM

Confused by health insurance? Not sure what it does or doesn't include? Need to know what to do for your residencia? I know I was! Sonia Fendley from STM Nummos Life talks us through her top tips from over a decade of experience explaining how to make the best use of your current policy and what questions to ask if you're getting a new one.

This week we are talking to Sonia Fendley from STM Nummos Life who is our health insurance expert. 

Health insurance is tricky topic, especially with the recent changes to the requirements for residencia. 

Today Sonia talks us through what’s required for residencia but also what else you might find useful if you already have health insurance. Let’s face it, no one reads all those pages of fine print that come with the policy but tune in for Sonia’s top tips on what is included and how to make the best use of what you are already paying for. 

If you have more questions then as always get in touch but you can also attend the seminar that Sonia is holding at the clinic on Thursday 16 May! Check out the website for more details -