Episode 21 | Sarah Rose | Holistic Living / Spiritual Alchemy / Healing

May 14, 2019, 11:00 AM

This week we sit down and talk holistic living, healing and pulling yourself out of the rut with Sarah Rose. Sarah is blazing a trail for awakening women with divinely guided strategies to create a balanced, healthy, holistic, and aligned lifestyle to catapult their life, health, business, and beyond! As an intuitive transformation coach, holistic lifestyle expert, and spiritual wellness coach, Sarah is a success catalyst to women worldwide who want to take their life experience beyond what they thought possible. She is your no BS + wise spiritual Soul sister you’ve been looking for. Her genius is facilitating Soul-shifting breakthroughs and transformations to help you clear sabotaging patterns and habits keeping you stuck so you can experience more joy, fun, freedom, and flow! || #bejewelledpod #gemsoftruth #sarahrose 

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