High Life + November + My Brilliant Career - Eclectica #205

May 15, 2019, 11:30 AM
The Beast of Estonian Craggy Island

Three misfits alone in the dark empty vastness of a cinema showing a Claire Denis movie, Aidan, Sarah and Graham gather to review the French maverick's latest epic voyage, "High Life". We realise it may sound tempting, but do not allow Juliette Binoche to show you her box.

A full Off the Shelf kicks off with Sarah covering Criterion's release of "My Brilliant Career" (thank you, I've worked hard for it), followed by Graham marvelling at Montage Pictures's truly unclassifiable "November". Heading further east (and no less crazy), Aidan takes a look at Arrow Academy's "Khrustyalov, My Car!", a film from the director of "Hard to Be a God" which caused us simultaneous hooray-yikes.

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