Brexit Party rising and Great Britain strategically distracted. 2 of 2: Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

May 16, 2019, 12:00 AM

Photo: the Eden,is a turbine-driven ship, the remainder haveonly the ordinary reciprocating engines; but all ofthe Afridi class, as well as the Swift, are turbine-driven boats. Old-Type Destroyers. 42 twenty-seven-knot boats.70 thirty-knot boats.24 Cricket class. The 27-knot boats were built in the date 1893-1895, and range in size from 240 to 310 tons dis-placement. The 30-knot boats are very similar,but larger and somewhat faster, and date from theperiod 1896-1902. They run in dimensions from310 to over 400 tons; and the largest of the group,the Arab, of 470 tons, might almost rank as sea-going. The Cricket class are only now approach-ing completion, the first batch of them having beenlaid down under the estimates for 1905-1906, andthey were the first destroyers to be officially styled Coastal. They are, in fact, only one remove fromtorpedo boats, their displacements averaging about220 tons. Curiously enough, however, they aremore heavily armed than their larger brethren HEAVY WEATHER V Ji

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THE NAVY OF TO-DAY 303 the old-type destroyers, which, with one or two ex-ceptions, have an armament of one 12-pounder andfive 6-pounders, whereas the armament of theCricket class is two 12-pounders to each ship.The exceptions alluded to are the first fourdestroyers that were built:—the Havock, Hornet,Ferret, and Daring, which have only three insteadof five 6-pounders, and the Taku, which has onlysix 3-pounders. The Taku, it may be noted, wasnot built for the British Navy but for the Chineseby the German firm of Schichau of Elbing, andtaken by us as a prize from the Chinese during theBoxer troubles of 1900. As typical of the varioustypes of destroyer, and for comparison with theocean-going class, the following are given ^:— Name. Date. Length. Beam. Draught. Tons.240 LH.P. Speed. Havock . 1893 ft180 ft.18J ft.Si 3500 knots. 26J Quail 1895 213^ 21J 5i 300 6000 30i Albatross 1898 227i 21J H 360 7900 sij Velox 1902 210 23 ^ 440 8000 ss Cricket . 1906 175 17i 5J 235 3750 26 1 Whilst t

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Brexit Party rising and Great Britain strategically distracted. 2 of 2: Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

"Britain’s Conduct of Strategic Affairs is Paralyzed by Brexit  

Analysis. From GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, London. Britain’s political structure, traditionally dominated by two parties, has begun to significantly fragment as a result of grassroots revolt against the Conservative and Labour parties, and the continued slide into irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats. It is unlikely, until this is resolved, that the United Kingdom will be able to meaningfully address strategic issues, including defense and trade...."