Brexit Party rising and Great Britain strategically distracted. 1 of 2: Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

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Photo: The Royal Navy

Year: 1907 (1900s)

Authors: Swinburne, Henry Lawrence Wilkinson, Norman, 1878-1934 illus Jellicoe, John Rushworth Jellicoe, Earl, 1859-1935, illus

Subjects: Great Britain. Royal Navy Great Britain. Royal Navy

Publisher: London, A. and C. Black

Contributing Library: Cornell University Library

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re parts and storessimplified, but the tactical and strategical value ofboats in each group are similar. Of the torpedoboats proper, some are kept in full commission atthe various home ports, some at Gibraltar andMalta, a few on foreign stations, and the remainderin commission in reserve in the home ports. At present the submarines completed are dividedinto two groups, the larger group being basedat Portsmouth, the other at Devonport. ThePortsmouth group, however, will shortly be divided,and the submarine flotilla will then be in threedivisions, basing respectively on Portsmouth,Devonport, and Dover. The whole of the sub-marine flotilla is under the charge of an inspectingcaptain of submarines, who hoists his pennant inthe depot ship at Portsmouth, and each divisionis under the charge of a commander. Each divisionhas a mother ship, a converted cruiser, on the booksof which are borne, and in which are accommodated,the officers and men attached to the submarines. BATTLESHIPS MANCEUVRING

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THE NAVY OF TO-DAY 315 Finally, the dockyard organisation on which thesea-going fleet bases for repairs, stores, etc., maybe briefly described. At the three home ports,Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Chatham, at Malta,and at Gibraltar, there are dockyards under thecommand of an admiral superintendent of the rankof rear-admiral, and on foreign stations there arenaval shore establishments at the head-quarters ofeach. Of the three big dockyards at home, bothPortsmouth and Devonport are big constructionyards, whilst Chatham is more of a repairing depot.There is also a dockyard at Pembroke, whichformerly was a constructing yard on a somewhatlarge scale, but will in the future probably be mademore of a construction and repairing yard fortorpedo craft, especially submarines. Another largedock and minor repairing estabhshment is atQueenstown, in the south of Ireland. CHAPTER X THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN In the preceding chapter it has been shown howthe material of the Navy has been rearrangedwithin the

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Brexit Party rising and Great Britain strategically distracted. 1 of 2: Gregory Copley, Defense & Foreign Affairs

"Britain’s Conduct of Strategic Affairs is Paralyzed by Brexit  

Analysis. From GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, London. Britain’s political structure, traditionally dominated by two parties, has begun to significantly fragment as a result of grassroots revolt against the Conservative and Labour parties, and the continued slide into irrelevance of the Liberal Democrats. It is unlikely, until this is resolved, that the United Kingdom will be able to meaningfully address strategic issues, including defense and trade...."