PRC aims to dominate the Arctic & What is to be done? @DefTechPat @DefenseOne

May 16, 12:00 AM

Photo: voyage to the arctic in the whaler Aurora

Year: 1911 (1910s)

Authors: Lindsay, David Moore, 1862-

Subjects: Aurora (Ship) Whaling

Publisher: Boston : Dana Estes & Co.

Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto

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quaresails on the ship presently, and with this breezeon her quarter, made good time, the engines goingfull speed. Our intention was to try the bottlenose whalefishing off Resolution Island at the mouth ofHudsons Straits, for a few days, then go over to the Greenland side and follow the usual route.As there were many bergs coming down andquantities of field ice at this season, we keptrather well away from the coast, along which itcame. At night the canvas was taken off the shipand a bright lookout kept for ice. For the nextthree days we steered north. The weather wasfine and the sea smooth. Going up the Labradorcoast, we saw some heavy floes, but kept well to the east of them and did not sight land. We didnot see anything of interest, so it was rathermonotonous. May 12th, It was a lovely morning when Icame on deck, with the wind from the southeast.We had our fore and afters set and were steamingfull speed. Astern of us was the Nova Zemhlaand we were towing her, an act of brotherly love.

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IN THE WHALER AURORA 89 I had seen the ship in Dundee and was struck byher beauty. She and the Jan Mayen were veryhandsome little ships, and she looked far better atsea than in dock. We towed her part of the day.During the afternoon, the wind died down and theevening was beautiful; not a breath of air, butsome swell rolling in from the southeast and thesurface of the sea like glass. The people to-daywere employed coiling lines in boats and arrangingfishing gear as we might see the bottlenose whalesany time. May 13th. A beautiful calm day. The menwere getting ready the whale-boats and fillingthe bunkers. We were well off Cape Chidley,the northeast corner of Labrador, in the morn-ing. In the evening a school of bottlenose whaleswas seen, and six boats were lowered away. Twoof the boats immediately filled as they had beenout of the water so long, but the others pulledafter the whales. I was on the bridge watch-ing the sport. It was splendid. The ship andboats rising and falling on a rath

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PRC aims to dominate the Arctic & What is to be done? @DefTechPat @DefenseOne