Kaitlin Eskelson – 5 Mistakes Tourism Marketers Make

Episode 2,  May 15, 2019, 11:15 PM

In this episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast, Kaitlin Eskelson from the Utah Tourism Association joins Adam and Jordan to talk navigating outside opinions in a marketing position, mistakes in marketing, and Kaitlin's take on the most important component of tourism marketing.

"The Travel and Tourism industry is moving so quickly, we're bound to make mistakes. A lot of what we do is trial and error and I think that, again, going back to that guest experience and having a little bit of humility, it's sometimes just saying 'sorry, we tried our best on that one, it didn't work but we've learned from it and can move forward', I think that's really what people are looking for and what marketing campaigns should be all about. Being authentic, but admitting to when you make a mistake"- Kaitlin Eskelson on making mistakes in marketing.

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