May 16, 05:31 AM
When opportunity knocks on your door, what do you do? Panic or maybe you seize that big break you’ve been waiting for.
This is something TeeJay’s been thinking about a lot because she’s had a number of opportunities present themselves over the past week or so.

Fear and anxiety versus excitement and exhilaration are two sides of the same coin.
You can choose either of those reactions based on what you make the opportunity mean in your head. 
What you focus on about that opportunity dictates how you feel about it and ultimately whether you take on that opportunity.
TeeJay believes these opportunities come along to help us grow and build confidence 
In this episode she tells you about the opportunities which have come her way recently along with her reaction.

Tell TeeJay about those life changing opportunities, what did you do? Take it or leave it? 


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