Announcing; Is This Normal? from Belfast Live

May 16, 2019, 04:33 PM

Hosted by two seasoned journalists - and perhaps not so-seasoned mums - the show will delve into all the topics parents across Belfast and beyond are desperate to know more about.

Chatting to experts about everything from paediatric nutrition and childcare costs to online safety and getting babies to sleep through the night, presenters Sheena McStravick and Claire O'Boyle will ask all the questions mums and dads want to get to the bottom of.

Episode one will hear from nutritionist Ailish McVeigh from First Foods Weaning for the inside steer on what really works when weaning your child.

Sleep expert Susan Wallace from Settled Petals will take the reins in episode two, to reassure parents with little ones that sleepless nights are normal - and that they won't last forever.

Next up, Is This Normal? will feature Aoife Hamilton from charity Childcare for Employers, to help parents break down the facts and figures to help get the best value childcare they possibly can - and to make sure they're not missing out on any benefits they're entitled to.

In episode four, Margaret Gallagher from the NSPCC joins the podcast to deliver some much needed guidance for confused mums and dads about exactly what's OK - and what's not - for our precious little treasures when it comes to tech and online.

Claire - mum to Betsy, four, and two-year-old Alice - said: "We're really excited about the podcast. It's the perfect opportunity for us to sit down with some actual experts in all this parenting stuff, and find out the facts.

"Mums and dads spend so much time confused and worrying they're getting things wrong, so it's brilliant to get the chance to pin someone down and ask the question we ask ourselves week in week - is this normal?"

Sheena, mum to 11-month-old Dáire, said: "As a first time mum I had so many questions that I've turned to Google for and usually ended up more confused than when I started, so the Podcast is a perfect place to get those questions answered as well as chat openly to other parents about the worries and stresses we all have on day to day basis."

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