Numero Seis: With Localise West Midlands Karen McCarthy

May 17, 2019, 05:00 PM
What shop would YOU open if you had the opportunity? 

How many chickens is worthwhile? 

How nostalgic can you be over meeting a goat on holiday? 

All these questions are pondered by Mrs Barbara Nice and this week's guest, Karen McCarthy from Localise West Midlands. Or mainly, the number 63 Bus as far as Mrs Nice is concerned 

But what do Localise do, and are local things better than non-local things? Barbara thinks she has the answer. 

Also the dreaded B-word gets a mention. But is it buses, Brexit or Bees? Only listening will reveal the answer.

And you are welcome to leave us a review and rating, or indeed ask Barbara a question like what would your idea be of a perfect shop if you could open one, or one of the many other myriad of other questions contained in this month's show. Ta kids!

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