Episode 211 - Milo Aukerman (Descendents)

May 17, 2019, 03:17 AM

SURPRISE EPISODE!!!! Scratch another one off the bucket list because, thanks to our friend’s at Punk Rock Bowling, MILO AUKERMAN OF THE DESCENDENTS IS ON THE SHOW!!!! Join Damian as he talks to one of his heroe’s to find out about going from a new wave lovin' nerd to one of the most iconic vocalists ever! YOU’VE GOTTA TO HEAR THIS!!!! Go see the Descendents play Punk Rock Bowling next weekend (with Damian) too! 

Also Touched On:

X opens for Devo

Getting into LA punk

Accidentally seeing Black Flag’s infamous park gig

Listening to Rodney

Dangerhouse Records

Ramones are more standard 

“I was a frickin’ nerd”

Dressing new wave

Bill Stevenson selling you a Decendents record

The 60’s influence on the first 7”

The Allycats influence

Singing in musicals

ripping off Dez

Watching Black Flag practice

The Last connection

Joining the new wave club at school and the meeting getting invaded by the punkers

The Blasters

The Chiefs

New Wave kids that liked a punk

don’t turn around in the pit!

The Germs show: people had gotten in with weapons

The Minutemen

Playing with Minor Threat

The SST fans

New Alliance Records

Hearing “Milo Goes To College” for the first time… in college 

Bill joins Black Flag but that was the end of it.

Ray Cooper takes over vocals

Bill’s congratulations card to Milo in the form of an album

The albatross of the Milo head

going to shows in San Diego


Battalion Of Saints

Singing on Loose Nut

Seeing the Misfits on the last tour

The drawbacks of a double life