NHS Supply Chain – SHD Logistics Conference 2019 keynote highlights

May 17, 2019, 03:55 PM
The National Health Service is the largest public service organisation in the UK. However, as the NHS is facing rising costs, increasing and an ageing population, the organisation has to find ways of becoming more cost-efficient.
 In 2016, Lord Carter published a report which identified unwarranted variation in procurement across the NHS. To ensure delivery of consumable medical supplies are cost-efficient and consistently on time, the NHS devised a supply chain operating model that is aligned to Lord Carter’s vision. At the SHD Logistics Conference, held earlier this week at the historic British Museum in London, Supply Chain Director Chris Holmes and Head of Logistics James Turpin from NHS Supply Chain came on stage as this year’s keynote speakers to discuss the Future Operating Model, as part of an organisational strategy designed to save £2.4bn over the next five years.