Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: 1 of 2: Eastern Region Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged. by Donald Stokes (Author, Reader), Lillian Stokes (Author, Reader), & 1 more

May 20, 12:31 AM

Photo: 1905 (1900s)

Authors: Reed, L(ucas) A(lbert) (from old catalog)

Subjects: Birds

Publisher: Washington, D.C., Review and herald pub. ass'n

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

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NEIGHBORS man looked in surprise. It was an Englishsparrow. The scared bird had built himselfa nest in a hole that either he had found orburrowed there. Talk about feather beds! The inside of thathole was just packed with chicken feathers.That sparrow must have been a week or twopicking them up, one by one, about the coun-try, for the man does not keep chickens. It was certainly too bad to be driven out ofdoors in such weather, for it was very cold,and the sun was well along in the western sky.How would you like it to be turned out ofbed and house on a cold winters afternoonto hunt any old place you could find? Well, just about that time the cardinalcame along. I do not know whether he un-derstood how the sparrow had been misusedor not; but, anyway, he made some remarksthat the man thought were certainly meantfor him. If you do not know it, let me tell you thatthe cardinal can whistle, in a startling way,sounds that seem almost like words. This time the cardinal seemed to be angry.154

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SCARLET TANAGERSUMMER TANAGER RED-HEADED WOODPECKER CARDINAL GROSBEAK DOWNY WOODPECKER THE NEIGHBOR IN RED If he understood what had happened, he hadreason to be. Look here! look here! whistled the car-dinal. Of course the man did look. But Mr. Car-dinal did not seem at all afraid to talk upto the man. The bird came a little nearer,tipped his head to one side, and flirted histail. Then he whistled again. See here! see here! Well, said the man to himself, I guessI have stirred up a bit of a tempest. I cer-tainly did not mean any harm to the birdfraternity. The man stepped back a pace or two, andpaused again to hear the cardinal whistleonce more. This time the words seemedsomewhat different. You fear! you fear! At this the cardinal whisked about andsounded a ^ chip of seeming indignation. Come here! come here! screamed thecardinal. But the man was of a peaceable nature,and did not intend to quarrel with any bird, 157 MY GARDEN NEIGHBORS much less the cardinal. And so he beggedto be excu

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Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: 1 of 2: Eastern Region Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged. by Donald Stokes (Author, Reader), Lillian Stokes (Author, Reader), & 1 more

Donald and Lillian Stokes are widely recongized as America's foremost authorities on birds and nature. Their newest book, The Stokes Field Guide to the Birds of North America is the most comprehensive photographic field guide to birds ever published. They have written more than thirty other books, which have cumulatively sold more than 4.5 million copies, including the bestselling Stokes Field Guide to Birds (Eastern and Western editions), the Stokes Beginner's Guide to Birds, the Stokes Nature Guides, and the Stokes Backyard Nature Books. They have hosted a popular public television series, Stokes Birds at Home, and offer current birding information on their Stokes Birding Blog, which features Lillian Stokes's stunning photography.