EP 73: Yettianity

May 21, 2019, 02:43 AM

Welcome to ShambleFest! This week’s episode is fueled by martinis and you know what that means….100% more shambles! Tune in for stories about:

• The death of Stanton Friedman

• Meth in a Lego box

• Yeti Footprints

• Alligator pants

• Jess laughing at a story we can’t type the name of due to content restrictions

• Ohio Man pretends to be Travis Tritt at county fair

• Man arrested for murder on Appalachian Trail

• Teacher with cancer told to pay for her own substitute

• Woman breaks into home, does chores and pats doggo

• A bird went extinct and evolved into itself again

• FL Man arrested for bumper sticker

• Whale does good deed by returning dropped phone

Shamble on and drink responsibly!

Music: Admiral Longtooth