5 Tips For Long-Term Weight Loss

May 21, 03:09 PM

When I talk about long term weight loss, I’m not talking about using a restrictive diet and then keeping off the weight, I’m not talking about restricting your food forever – in fact, I’m not talking about restriction at all! It goes against everything that I believe in and my main healthy lifestyle principles. If you want to lose weight, then that is totally achievable and it can be done in a healthy way where the focus is on loving and nourishing your body. 

However, what happens when you reach your goal?

Are you in the habit of restricting and then binging once it’s all over?

Or have you built healthy habits that you can take forwards with you for the rest of your life?

I’m hoping it’s the latter, but I know for so many beautiful women, being on that restricting-binging cycle is all too familiar. Not only is it damaging to your health to be on a restrictive diet one minute and overindulging on delicious (probably not so healthy) foods the next, but it’s also damaging the relationship you have with food. 

This episode covers 5 tips towards maintainable long-term weight loss without restrictive dieting and freeing yourself of all those limiting beliefs around food. It is possible to lose weight, keep it off and still feel  free to enjoy the life you deserve.