Episode 212 - Darby Allin (The Wrestlers, All Elite Wrestling, Evolve)

May 22, 2019, 05:14 PM
IT'S HERE!!!! Tonight, May 22nd on Viceland (in the US) at 10:00pm EST, Damian's show "The Wrestlers" premiers!!! What better way to celebrate than by having one of the stars of the first episode on the show: DARBY ALLIN!!! Listen in as Darby scares the crap out of Damian with stories that prove that everyone that said Jackass was bad for kids was right. *WARNING* THIS EPISODE IS INTENSE. 
Please check out The Wrestlers for more intensity!!!!!

Also Touched On:

Going to see the Circle Jerks & a world opening up

Seeing Turbonegro because of Jackass and Skate videos

being drawn to darkside of humanity

dropping out of amateur wrestling to be into punk

A very old school definition of punk

the jock before punk rock

“If I could grow up and get paid to be an asshole..”

The Jackass influence

being obsessed with punk documentary

Loving The Nuns

Seeing Subhumans

Loving Leftover Crack

Booking the band that ways brings pig guts

Moshing in the streets with Shane West

Getting into straight edge through H2O and Minor Threat

Preferring GG’s early stuff.

The Murder Junkies were supposed to perform at the wedding

Minister Dino

Torturing DJZ as a thank you for DJing the wedding

Going to film school in Arizona

John Waters is real

Liking things that aren’t fake

finding wrestling

Making movies

Fighting in dog shit

The awesomeness of Ethan Page

CM Punk draws you back

being on Ridiculousness

There is no winner when Darby wants to do something nuts

 “I’m in the mood to do something stupid”

Working with Wicca Phase and Fury