Why #Latinx Representation is More Important Than Ever!

May 23, 2019, 12:00 PM
We asked Dr. Ana-Christina Ramon, co-author of the UCLA Hollywood Diversity Report, Director of Research & Civic Engagement, UCLA Social Sciences, what letter grade she would give Hollywood on their representation of Latinx characters and stories and surprise surprise, Hollywood flunked! She says it she would give Hollywood a D+.  “Out of the top 8 roles in films and TV, 5 to 7 percent are portrayed by Latinx actors,” Dr. Ramon says. She goes on to say that  “When 18 percent of the population is Latinx, this significant underrepresentation is inexcusable!”  We agree with Dr. Ana-Christina Ramon, and so on this episode of Tamarindo, Ana Sheila and Brenda talk about why #Latinx representation is important and share examples of Latinx stories to celebrate and some that make us cringe.  We are especially excited to drop this episode today when trailblazing STARZ Original Series VIDA is back for its second season! #VIDA is a show for the Latinx community and we know you’ll love it. We even heard a little bit about her experience as a writer on the show from Jennifer Castillo.  We hope you enjoy this episode of Tamarindo and share it with a friend!