The Cymbal Podcast, Episode 6 - James Vine

May 23, 2019, 07:26 PM
James Vine was born in London and began playing drums age 11. In 2010 James moved to Bristol to study a Mathematics & Computer Science Masters. After graduating in 2014 James began working as a freelance drummer. James has studied with Joshua Blackmore (Bill Laurence, Troyka, Strobes) and is mentored by US drummer Steve Lyman (José James, Chase Baird).

James’ love of travelling and connecting with new people drives his busy touring and recording schedule performing across the UK and Europe. James has established himself as an integral part of the blossoming Bristol jazz scene. As well as countless projects of his own including Cousin Kula, Feelgood Experiment & Waldo's Gift, James has also had the pleasure of performing with Solomon O.B, Ishmael Ensemble, China Bowls and Holysseus Fly to name a few.